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Manganese Toxicity on Cultured SH-SY5Y Cells
May Kemsheh and Reginald Oblitey


Monkey Prefrontal Neurons Reflect Logical Operations for Cognitive Control in a Variant of the AX Continuous Performance Task (AX-CPT)
Rachael K. Blackman, David A. Crowe, Adele L. DeNicola, Sofia Sakellaridi, Angus W. McDonald, and Matthew V. Chafee


Blocking NMDAR Disrupts Spike Timing and Decouples Monkey Prefrontal Circuits: Implications for Activity-Dependent Disconnection in Schizophrenia
Jennifer L. Zick, Rachael K. Blackman, David A. Crowe, Bagrat Amirikian, Adele L. DeNicola, Theoden I. Netoff, and Matthew V. Chafee

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