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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)

First Advisor

Dr. Rosemary Link

Second Advisor

Dr. Norma Noonan


When meeting the women in Nicaragua and considering their country’s history, one would surmise the complexities and what would seem like a difficult future. This research analyzed three aspects of Nicaraguan women and their leadership styles: 1) self-empowerment, 2) ability to bring change to women with limited resources socially, politically and economically in their communities, and 3) Transformation of women’s leadership.

Five Nicaraguan women were invited to participate because they have a unique understanding of their traditional ways of life and demonstrate leadership. Culture pervades their entire social, political and economic existence, and these women have a positive inclination toward self-determination. This study discusses the following questions: How were they able to contribute positively to social, economic and political changes in their community? How were they able to offer access to new ideas and resources that have helped women in their communities to expand their life options and respond to some issues affecting women? How has self-empowerment in the face of adversities and transformational leadership affected women’s wellbeing?


SC 11.MAL.2009.Sabiya.LM