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Bollywood Images: the Illusions and Realities of Arranged Marriages, Weddings, Dowries, and Attitudes Toward the Girl Child in the Lives of Women in India


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Offering audiences a romanticized interpretation of Indian life, the images in Bollywood films present the viewer with loving and supportive families, beautiful wedding rituals, and a "happily ever after" point of view that does not quite measure up to the societal realities of life for millions of Indian women. Juxtaposing themes and images from three popular Bollywood films against current attitudes towards women in Indian society, this paper will analyze the issues surrounding women's choice of marriage partners, the high cost of weddings and dowries, female infanticide, and the violence too often suffered by women and girls in India through dowry-related abuse or murder. This paper will also examine the question of whether the Bollywood film industry and its highly revered actors are attempting to alter awareness regarding these issues in the larger Indian society.