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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Mary Lou Williams

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Sumin Hsieh

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Ann Jensen


The purpose of this project was to develop a workshop that will help to secure culturally competent social services for African immigrant and refugee families. The framework of the workshop focused on two areas. The first is to help the workers to become culturally competent by carrying out ethnic sensitive inventory to assess their competency. Skills developed included what to do during pre-contact. during problem identification and specification, goal formation, problem solving and termination. The second area focused on how to assess the needs and strengths of African immigrant and refugee families. Culturagram and Eco-map are the two major assessment tools that are used to conduct culturally appropriate assessment. The culturagram was used to assess each individual family member's need, whereas the Eco-map was used to mirror the entire family's needs and strengths. Social support was also highlighted to sustain family and community support for smooth adjustment to the new culture. Ecological and dual perspectives are used to describe the important environmental constraints that impact the lives of African immigrant and refugees and to acknowledge individual and group strength to carry out a culturally competent assessment for bringing about effective change.


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