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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)




The purpose of this qualitative study was to observe and gain insight into 110 ninth and tenth grade students' experiences who participated in a social justice literacy program. During the course of my research I used various forms of qualitative data collection including: focus groups, participant observations, journaling, and interviews, as well as collection of artifacts as a means to identify students' perceptions relating to social justice within the program. After analyzing the data a number of significant themes emerged including: students' openness to diversity, students' change in attitudes, the importance of continued teaching of social justice, and the need for social justice vocabulary acquisition. My findings on student experiences and perceptions of a social justice literacy program can be useful for creating professional development programs for educators. The recommendations for social justice related professional development are based on various correlated pedagogy and theory including: cultural competence and culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy. This research highlights the importance for the creation of, or the continued development of social justice literacy programs.


SC 11.MAE.2012.Scott.JL

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