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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



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Garry Hesser

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Rosemary Link


This paper explains different leadership styles employed by Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi's life and how that influenced his leadership, examining the actions and behaviors which demonstrate the essence of his leadership style. This paper examines the ideals and values by which Gandhi lived his life and how, even today, they continue to inspire humanity. This paper discusses two different leadership styles, transformational and servant leadership, and shows how Mahatma Gandhi exemplified these qualities. This study was done using data from archives, autobiographies, media, and government reports, as well as my own experience as a native of India. What makes a person want to follow a leader? People want to be guided by those they respect and those who have a clear sense of direction. These skills do not come naturally, but are acquired through continual work and study. Transformational leadership and servant leadership can be achieved through training, education, and professional development. This paper lends validation that Mahatma Gandhi had a great impact not only on his followers, but also on India's successful effort for independence. This paper explores Mahatma Gandhi's values, vision, mission, and style of leadership as seen through the lens of the servant and transformational models and how we can learn to be better leaders today from his example.


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