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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Sharon Patten

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Rosemary Link

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Joseph Clubb


This hermeneutic qualitative study sought to discover the effectiveness of social work practice with dying male prisoners. An in depth interview was conducted of two male social workers who have worked with dying male prisoners. Hermeneutics is an interpretative approach to understanding the world around us through the narratives of the participant, in this study the social worker's narrative. This study attempted to catch a glimpse into the world of social workers as they practice their craft with dying prisoners. One social worker went into the prison to serve the dying prisoner, the other social worker helped early released dying prisoners. Both social workers experienced their role of social worker as advocate to the dying prisoner. Implications for social work practice and policy is discussed in this study. Some of the implications found in this study is encouraging social workers to use hermeneutics as a research tool, becoming familiar with resources for dying prisoners and the issues for families of dying prisoners.


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