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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




The research proposes to investigate if using team management and self-directed work teams or SDWTs in an Inbound Call Center can be implemented. Would a self-directed team work in the confines of an Inbound Call Center? Could converting to a SDWT environment also foster a positive work environment? The goal of this research project is to test the positive and direct correlation of creating a SDWT environment using team management theory within the structure of an Inbound Call Center that successfully meets all quality measures while maintaining a positive work environment. Using a self-directed work team in an Inbound Call Center may represent a new environment compared with the tightly controlled environment that employees work under in most modern Call Centers.

A total of 72 surveys were sent to managers, supervisors and customer service representatives (CSRs) in two inbound call centers within Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and one inbound call center in Kansas City, MO.


SC 11.MAL.2007.Bernard.N