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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




Internal conflict and lack of leadership are becoming major prohibiting agents that are hindering African countries from economic growth and prosperity. Many countries in Africa have ethnic, racial or political conflicts that are progressing and most of these conflicts are the result of negative leadership.

Resolving internal conflict in Africa requires taking responsibility for the people and for the country. Taking responsibility requires a hard study of the effects of internal conflict, the effects of war, and other contributing factors that hinder Africa from economic growth. The only way that African countries can take charge in solving the problems of internal conflict/war is to understand the long term damage it creates not only for the country involved in the conflict, but also for the continent.

Leadership can play a great role in solving the problems faced by African countries today. A strong and determined leadership can promote peace, unity, and security within a country and throughout a continent. Challenges such as lack of education, the spread of disease and negative effects of globalization can be addressed only when there is a strong and determined leadership that bases its interests and work practices on the needs of its people and the country.

Since most African countries have similar problems, it would help if these countries work together in solving their problems and claiming the 21st century as their own. With the right set of leadership priorities, African countries can some day become members of the First World.


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