Date of Award

Summer 7-13-1994

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

First Advisor

Rosemary Link


Millions of children spend time each year in children’s shelters, residential treatment centers, and other noncorrectional placements (Pelton, 1989). There is no record in the literature of a client satisfaction questionnaire measuring satisfaction of children in a shelter or treatment center with program components. This thesis is a proposal for an evaluation for a children’s shelter in Minneapolis called Booth Brown House. The proposal includes a specially designed questionnaire. The research in all stages of the evaluation process. The thesis also includes a discussion of the relative advantages and disadvantages of an oral interview format. The proposal also describes articles which identify qualities of children’s treatment centers that are associated with emotional and behavioral improvement of residents during and after treatment.


SC 11.MSW.1994.Fruchtma.B

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