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Eighty-eight percent of today's workforce was born between 1943 and 1981 that make up the two generational groups called Boomers and Generation Xers (Farren & Mauer, 1999).

Over the past several years it has become increasing evident that there is a conflict in the workplace between these two groups. Some of the work related issues between the groups may or may not be limited to their generational group, but may also be reflective of their developmental life stage and the evolving work values.

Coincidentally, Generation Xers are in the life stage of youth and most Boomers are in the middle-aged adulthood stage. Many Boomers say that Generation Xers are just going through a phase and eventually they will wake up and smell the coffee! They believe Generation Xers are exhibiting the characteristics of youth and they will grow out it just like the Boomers did. However, they are neglecting to understand is that Generation Xers were raised in a different world, than the Boomers and Generation Xers see the world differently--especially, the world of work (Raines, 1997, p. 34).


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