Date of Award

Winter 12-1-2004

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



First Advisor

Frankie B. Shackelford

Second Advisor

Joseph A. Erickson


At Augsburg College, diversity plays an important role in delivering transforming education for its students and is instrumental in defining the college community. This research identifies major influencers in the college decision-making process for TRIO participants. Federally funded TRIO programs like SSS provide access to higher education for students with academic need, financial need, who are first generation college students, or students who have disabilities. In order to assess the major influencers in the college decision-making process, current TRIO students at Augsburg College were asked to complete a survey. Students were asked to rate their feelings towards predetermined influencers when they were active in their college search. This research identified the most frequent influencers as urban location, financial aid, and starting the college search early. This research has produced results that will allow the college to develop strategic methods of recruitment for this population.


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