Date of Award

Spring 3-5-2004

Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

MS in Physician Assistant Studies (PA)


Physician Assistant Studies

First Advisor

Heather Bidinger

Second Advisor

Dawn B. Ludwig


Background. PAs play a critical role in serving under-served rural communities. It will be of benefit to the rural communities in Minnesota to idenitfy what practice and community factors work to recruit and retain a high percentage of PAs to rural practice in Minnesota' Methods A written questionnaire was mailed to PAs working in rural Minnesota who are members of MAPA, The survey explored community and practice aspects that contribute to job satisfaction. Results Ninety-two percent of respondents stated they were satisfied to very satisfied with their overall practice. Overall practice satisfaction was most strongly positively correlated with acknowledgment from patients and community members, physicians and nurses. Eighty-nine percent of respondents stated they were satisfied to very satisfied with overall community. Conclusions Rural Minnesota PAs indicated that satisfaction with practice and satisfaction with community were important co-contributors, therefore, suggesting that efforts toward rural community development are worthwhile and are important in promoting success in retaining local health care personnel. This study identified rural Minnesota PA overall practice satisfaction was most strongly influenced by acknowledgement from patients' This evidence suggests the importance to educate patients, physicians, and other health care workers of the role, education, and experience of PAs.


SC 11.PAS.2004.Giza.JA