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Assurance of food security has been a continuing goal of world nations for more than 60 years. The educational module that is the focus of this project is designed to increase the awareness of baccalaureate and post-graduate nurses about the health disparity of low food security as a social justice issue. International policy to detail the development of the concept of food security as a human right is examined and then contrasted with current national policy. Additional topics discussed are connections between low food security on health as well as a deficit in nurse knowledge. The educational module focuses on food security as it is experienced by the Oglala Lakota people who live on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. Information obtained from the literature review is used to study how structural conditions of society culminate to result in low food security on the reservation. The information uncovered in the literature review for this project has been incorporated into an educational module that encourages creativity by combining visual images, metaphor, poetry, and small group learning along with a PowerPoint presentation. Implications for advanced transcultural nursing practice are reviewed. M. Leininger's Culture Care Theory and Sunrise Enabler provided the basis for interpreting information pertaining to the low level of food security for the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation and organizing it into the educational module of this project.


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