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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Cheryl Leuning


Healthcare is complex, ever-changing, and unpredictable, and the healthcare system in Tanzania is susceptible to such complexities. As one of the poorest countries in the world, with approximately 75 percent of the 50,000,000 people residing in rural areas, increasing access to health services in remote regions is crucial. The leading cause of death among women is cervical cancer in Tanzania. This is due to limited preventive health services such as cancer screening programs, shortage of healthcare facilities in rural areas, vaccination programs for HPV, and simple lack of cervical cancer awareness in rural communities. As a starting point, a cervical cancer awareness and screening event was hosted in Iringa, Tanzania. The goal of this weeklong event was to screen at least 50 women free of charge, provide education about cervical cancer through half hour information sessions, and raise awareness about cervical cancer through the distribution of t-shirts and tote bags specifically designed and worded to encourage women to get screened. After the event, a total of 106 women were screened, 50 t-shirts were distributed as well as 50 tote bags. To continue the fight against cervical cancer, an NGO (Non Government Organization) called Mama Na Mwana Tanzania has been established. Mama Na Mwana will focus on establishing women's health clinics in rural Tanzania and offering cervical cancer awareness and educational programs through seminars and radio broadcasting.


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