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Because of political unrest, civil wars, and economic problems in Africa, the number of African immigrants entering the United States since 1960 has greatly escalated. Beginning in 1914, for example, when junior military officers overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie's Government up to 1991, a year in which a new group took over power and introduced the administration of the country based on ethnic lines to the present time, thousands of Ethiopians fled their country to escape execution, torture, and arbitrary arrest. Although those Ethiopians who did so managed to avoid political and economic sufferings at home, the new way of life and cultural adaptation in America became extremely challenging. The purpose of this study is to analyze the historical restraints and impediments that awaited African, especially Ethiopian immigrants in the United States. The significance of this study is to review and to analyze previous studies and provide social workers and professionals dealing with human services an understanding of pre- and post- immigration experiences of Ethiopian/African immigrants in order to guide them to render efficiently the required social services.


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