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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Rosemary Link Ph.D.

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Maria Dinis Ph.D.

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Kathleen B. Briggs LICSW


The purpose or this study was to report the findings of a qualitative, exploratory study with women who divorced during the mid-life years of 35-55. Paul Bohannan's six stations of divorce was used as a framework to explore the legal, economic, community, emotional, co-parental, and psychic losses expressed by women as a result of divorcing in mid-life and factors proving beneficial in coping with these losses.

Data from ten open-ended, structured interviews were collected and analyzed. This data revealed themes of depression, anger and sadness, yet hope for further growth and a better life post-divorce recovery.

Implications for social work practice include, the involvement by social workers in the legal and political arenas to make an impact on legislation affecting child support, being responsible in private practice to hear where the client is in her recovery and offer her support and resources appropriate to her present state with the caveat that the social worker must help her normalize her crisis and help her move at her own pace to healing.


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