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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Maryann Syers, PhD

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Laura Boisen, PhD

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David Sather, LICSW


Pregnant and/or parenting teenagers are influenced by education level, socioeconomic status and social support systems. Numerous studies of urban pregnant and/or parenting teenagers have examined the formal support systems and their efficacy. Few researchers have examined rural pregnant and/or parenting teenagers and their informal support systems. This quantitative study surveyed 37 pregnant and/or parenting teenagers receiving case management services through Kandiyohi County Family Services, resulting in 7 respondents. The research questions included:

  1. What are the perceptions and of rural Kandiyohi County pregnant and/or parenting teenagers regarding their informal support systems?
  2. What are their interpretations of the support being offered?
  3. Do both supportive and/or conflictual relationships occur within each individual support system?

Perceptions and interpretations of their relationships with their identified informal support systems, including family, friends, school or work contacts, and other were identified. Adaptation to parenting is effected positively and negatively by the types of support systems surrounding the teenagers, availability of support systems, and the amount of support provided.


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