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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Donna Patterson

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Kathy Accurso

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Margaret White


Inclusion of students with disabilities in Catholic schools has yet to be realized across school systems and is limited to select individual schools and (arch)diocese. Current research in this area is limited, consisting of small studies with results that are not generalizable due to differences in state laws, school governance, and other variables, but suggests that a focus on Catholic identity and mission is one means of facilitating inclusion. The material in this program evaluation informs and shapes the recommendations for furthering inclusion in archdiocesan schools made in the white paper to the Diversified Learners Cornmittee of an urban archdiocese in the northwestern United States, written by Angela Mejdrich as part of the Leadership Application Project through Augsburg College. Further research in the area of inclusive education within Catholic schools will continue as Catholic schools contemplate how to make the gospel message of Jesus Christ more accessible to all who desire to hear it.


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