Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Norma Noonan

Second Advisor

Lucinda Husk-Claeys

Third Advisor

Bert Swanson


The purpose of this project is to identify leadership principles and training strategies for inclusion in a leadership development program (LDP) tailored to the needs of the emerging leaders at Bachman's, Inc. and to develop a basic, working outline of such a curriculum. For the purposes of this project, I define emerging leaders as those individuals who have assumed their first position of authority or supervision over others. They have either been hired directly into a supervisory position, or they have been promoted from a position of production into one of supervision. In this paper, I outline a leadership development curriculum tailored for the emerging leaders at Bachman's, Inc. This outline is based on these an extensive but not exhaustive literature review, data from an informational survey, a review of leadership trends, and reflection on my own personal experience. This outline includes twelve primary areas of focus and will guide the creation of an effective leadership development curriculum for emerging leaders at Bachman's, Inc. A next step beyond the outline developed in this paper is to expand the outline into a full-blown leadership development curriculum that may be implemented at Bachman's, Inc. This curriculum will also be applicable to a variety of organizations beyond Bachman's and, with some modification, will be applicable to leaders at a variety of levels of leadership authority.


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