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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Alan Tuchtenhagan

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Norma Noonan


As a Kenya migrant who has observed leaders of migrant organizations play a great role both in country of origin and their host, I was motivated to undertake this study to find out the approaches migrant leaders use to connect to their country of origin. This study aimed to review literature on small migrant nonprofit organizations with emphasis on Kenyan registered migrant nonprofit organizations in Minnesota. Other migrant organizations were also explored to help bridge the gap in the literature. The literature review conducted found few registered migrant nonprofit organizations of Kenyan descent in the Minnesota registry based on their location, mission statement, projects and role of leaders to connect their ancestral homeland. International migration, transnationalism and globalization played a major role in establishing nonprofit organizations among Kenyan migrants. Migrants of these nonprofit organizations send remiffances from their host country to help their families and communities in their country of origin. This remittance to their country of origin boosts families and communities social class economically and politically and helps reduce dependency ratio. Significant information obtained from the literature review for this study was used to apply The Five Principles and Ten Tenets of exemplary leadership by Kouzes and Posner to leadership approaches used by leaders of nonprofit organizations. It was found that these migrant leaders model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourages the heart of others as they connect to the country of origin. This study was important as it helped to bridge the literature gap of Kenyan migrant nonprofit organizations compared to other migrant organizations. It also provided a basis for future research to be replicated hy other researchers to study deeply the roles of these migrant nonprofit organizational leadership both to their countries of origin and the host.


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