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A review of the current literature indicates that the numbers of troubled and delinquent youths are increasing. Community-based youth programs, such as the Boy Scouts of America, can be a valuable resource in the healthy development of youth. The purpose of this research study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Mid-lowa Boy Scout program in helping adolescent boys become healthy, responsible, contributing members of society. One hundred, self-administered questionnaires were sent to a cross-sample of former Boy Scouts in the Mid-lowa Council, who had turned 17 years of age according to the troop records of 1985-1987. Findings from this questionnaire showed that, while the respondents reported an average number of health-compromising behaviors, they were also found to be above average in educational levels, income, leadership, and other productive and responsible behaviors. Respondents also attributed the development of personal skills and traditional values to Scouting.


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