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Bibiana Koh


This project focuses on how heritage travel can contribute to our understanding of transracial and transethnic (TTAs) adoptees’ adjustment. Transracial and transethnic adoptees are those who belong to one ethnic group and their adoptive parents belong to another. The study examines the impact of heritage travel for TTA adoptees (from China, Korea, Vietnam, and India). The study also looks at other factors (for example, family socialization, personality and ethnic identity) that can contribute to TTAs adjustment. A quasi-experimental (comparison and intervention groups) research design was used; the intervention in this study was the heritage travel tour. Data was collected three times: (pre-travel, post travel, and six-months). For my research, I studied two families who were adopted from Vietnam: one family who went on a heritage travel tour, and another family that did not. I then compared the similarities and pointed out differences in the family’s interviews through transcription.

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Vietnam, adoption


Social Work

Heritage Travel Project