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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Sumin Hsieh

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Boyd Koehler

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Michelle Erlandson Larson


The purpose of this study is to survey and evaluate client satisfaction within a shelter for battered women. This descriptive study was a fuuctional learning tool for the agency, the community as well as for the purpose of the research study, Through an anonymous questionnaire developed by the researcher, participants were asked to complete questions on the five selected areas of focus in an effort to obtain the most recent reflections of women residing in a community shelter for abuse and violence. They were: client satisfaction within access to community resources, staff allocation of time, staff respect and benefit to the client, the development of safety plans and the degree (as measured on Likert-Scale) of physical and emotional safety the women had experienced during their shelter stay in association within transition to temporary housing. The findings of the study disclosed that those women who had previously or were currently experiencing violence and, while currently residing in a community shelter. were for the most part safe and content with current services within the shelter. Implications for social work practice and the strengths and limitations were also reviewed.


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