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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This thesis will explore theory and propose a program specific to the needs of a particular population of adolescent female survivors of child sexual trauma. This population of adolescent and young adult females are the runaway, throwaway, and homeless survivors of child sexual trauma that i have had the opportunity to work with for the past three years as an outreach worker. These survivors have had a history of sexual violence and too little support to enable them to heal from these experiences. This thesis focuses on expanding current outreach services to this population of young women grounded in the exploration of the current literature. The expansion of services involves the development of a comprehensive abuse healing program with group work as the chosen method of treatment. Theory and program development will take place within a framework of feminist theory drawing on empowerment models, personal and professional observations and experiences. The proposed programs structure, goals, and curriculum will attempt to reduce and undo some of the fear, isolation and loneliness that pervades much of the lives of the young survivors in this group. It will offer a nurturing and non stigmatizing environment of care aimed at providing an opportunity for both individual healing and collective group empowerment.


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