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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Vern Bloom

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Debra J. DeWitz

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Shelia M. Schmaltz


This study provides a description of the children and youth who are in out of home placements. The study population consists of an analysis of some characteristics of 146 children and youth to be used as a baseline analysis which can be utilized for agency program planning, policy development, and administration. The characteristics of the children and youth were obtained from individuals residing in therapeutic foster care in the state of North Dakota, supervised by the Professional Association of Treatment Home (PATH). An independent organization tabulated the raw data utilized in this study. The information was collection for a period of 18 months, beginning April 1, 1995.

The analysis of the information collected will provide a partial profile of the children and youth served at PATH, differentiated by gender, psychiatric diagnosis, involvement with the judicial system, length of service, race, school problems, and family problems.

The information concluded from this study will assist with future planning and program development for PATH of North Dakota. Recent political decisions and economic downsizing necessitate awareness of agency functioning and effectiveness. Ability to adapt and improve is the key to agency survival in order to maintain the commitment of quality service to the children and families served through PATH.


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