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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Poverty-related stress affects a person throughout their lifespan. In particular, adolescents living in an inner-city with the misfortune of poverty-related stress are at risk for developing an array of physical and mental illnesses. Poverty-related stress causes issues like bipolar disorder, anxiety, major depression, and behavior problems and has implications for transculturally trained nurses to reduce or prevent stress related health issues among urban adolescents living in poverty. Stress management, more specifically education on positive coping skills, can modify the relationship between poverty-related stress and poor mental and physical health outcomes. For the sake of this project, the term, ‘urban youth’ refers to Black and Hmong youth residing in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. This performance improvement project examined students from an inner-city high school on how they currently cope with stress. Students were educated on meditation and journaling as methods to positively cope with poverty-related stress. Students were evaluated at the end of three sessions via a post-survey on their thoughts of positive coping strategies for stress management. The post survey revealed that meditation and journaling were beneficial coping skills for stress management to prevent behavioral outbursts in the classroom. This stress reduction project educated urban youth on positive coping skills to lessen the incidence of behavioral outbursts in school as a means of promoting health and healing.


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