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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


With the rise of violence in our society, communities, schools, and homes, we are challenged to find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts and learn how to live cooperatively with one another. Peer mediation programs in schools have been used as part of the solution to this challenge of preventing violence. This research study surveyed students who were trained as peer mediators and their parents to identify their perceptions of the effectiveness of a Peer Mediation Program and Sibley Elementary School in Albert Lea, Mn. Data analysis was limited by the small sample size and lack of comparison; however, findings did yield student's and parents' positive perceptions of the program and transfer of some skills from school to home. Evaluating conflict resolution programs in school settings gives school social workers more insight of ways to prevent violence in schools and homes, assess students and families on acquired skills in resolving conflicts in peaceful ways, and evaluate peer mediation programs for their worth in time, money, and resources.


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