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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




Limited health literacy in adults affects the way they attain, process, and comprehend basic health information to make appropriate health decisions. Increasing health literacy for Somali families in the pediatric emergency department is critical to decreasing barriers to health care and improving their health outcomes. The setting for this project is one of the largest free-standing, not-for-profit urban pediatric health systems in the United States. This project describes a process to provide Somali parents struggling with health literacy tools and skills to care for their children at home after being seen in the pediatric emergency department. The project is important to the Somali community as it will help in reducing health inequities and increase health outcomes by expanding Somali families’ health care knowledge. Madeleine Leininger’s theoretical concepts were uplifted to prepare nurses for incorporating culturally congruent care into the health education of Somali families in the emergency department. The implementation of health literacy education and tool kit will be accomplished through staff training sessions that will increase nursing knowledge of limited health literacy. Plans for the evaluation process include nursing pre and post-surveys, along with feedback from focus groups that will be incorporated into making future plans and expanding the project.


SC 11.MAN.2019.Misk.K