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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




Casting centers are busy work units that depend on teams of registered nurses and certified surgical technicians who are trained and capable of implementing state-of-the- art casting interventions on persons from different age groups with simple to complicated bone fractures and bone reconstructions. Caring moments between and among nurses and certified surgical technicians and their nurse leaders are the building blocks of job satisfaction and quality patient care. A quality improvement project creates a culture of care among three RNs with one being the charge nurse, three certified surgical technicians, a nurse manager, and a chief nurse administrator at one of two casting centers within a large Midwest medical center. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring guided this project through the theoretical concepts of love, trusting-caring relationships and a caring healing environment. Principles of servant leadership and transformational leadership also guided this project by encouraging followership among nurse leaders, nurses, and certified surgical technicians. Favorable conclusions are described based on the recent reorganization of the Midwest medical center’s Casting Center nurses, certified surgical technicians, nurse manager, and chief nurse administrator, which has generated a timely opportunity to create a culture of care.


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