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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


The Time Apart respite program provides short-term, temporary care, outside the home of the primary caregiver. In the evaluation process, questionnaires were given to social workers and case managers whose clients have used the program and to liscensed, specially trained, foster parents who provided respite services. The study was designed to answer the following seven questions: 1) What are the characteristics of the consumers of this program?; 2) Does the respite provider training address the needs of respite providers in serving the children in their care?; 3) Does the child information packet given to providers supply the information they need to provide care for a child on a 24-hour basis?; 4) Do respite providers feel supported by the coordinator and county staff with whom they are in contact?; 5) Are staff being served by the coordinator and respite providers in a satisfactory manner?; 6) What parts of the program need improvement?; and 7) Does teaming of parents and staff work? Findings indicate overall satisfaction from providers and increased need for communication between the program coordinator and Anoka County staff.


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