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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




Workplace violence affects nurses in all areas of healthcare. Violence from patients and family members towards nurses is increasing in prevalence as well as severity. The adverse effects of workplace violence affect nurses not only physically, but can have lasting mental and emotional effects as well. These adverse effects can cause nurses to have difficulty in both their professional and personal lives. Nurses are unprepared for the stress of exposure to violence in the work setting. Nursing students do not receive the education needed about workplace violence or how to protect themselves from the adverse effects. This project outlines a proposed educational approach to provide workplace violence education to nursing students at a community college in the Midwest. Education intended to increase nursing student’s awareness of the prevalence of workplace violence and ways to cope with potential adverse effects using the self-care technique of mindfulness meditation is discussed. Watson’s Caritas Processes one and five guides the theoretical content of the education to assist nurses in practicing self-care. Education has the potential to positively impact nursing students who may experience workplace violence.


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