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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




The debate over whether the characteristics of leadership and management are unique characteristics or whether they are one-in-the-same characteristics continues today. In the past, traditionally, the best managers within a company were promoted to roles of leadership and many times these new leaders failed. There is growing support for the concept that the characteristics of highly effective leaders and managers are unique. A review of these characteristics reveals a potential relationship between the characteristics of exceptional managers and the traits that have been associated with left brain dominant tendencies. The characteristics of exceptional leaders relate to the traits that have been associated with right brain dominant tendencies. A research study was conducted to determine if there is a relationship between the traits of right brain or left brain dominant tendencies and the job functions of leader or manager. The results of the study did not offer strong support of the hypothesis. However, with further examination of the data there was a slight indication that there could be a correlation between the manager function and left brain dominant tendencies and the leader function and right brain dominant tendencies, which suggests that additional research is this area merits further pursuit.


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