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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Susan O'Connor

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Lynn Lindow


The Prescribed Learning Period (PLP) is a period replacing study hall in which students personal learning needs are met. During the learning period students are taught math, language arts, and other needed skills to enhance the students' education. Remedial, challenge, and midrange classes are offered. The purpose is for all students needs to be met at their level for one period of the day. The students may change groups as the teachers deem appropriate. These research findings determine the success and the future needs of the program. The findings demonstrate that the PLP program meets the needs of Response To Intervention (RTI). The purpose of both programs is to raise student's skills before they need special education services. Their goal is for students needs to be met before they fail in the classroom. Students and teachers at Clearwater Middle School participated in focus groups in an attempt to gain their insights related to the effectiveness of the program. The questions asked determined what people like about the program, how it has helped students, how it has been implemented, and how it needs to be changed.


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