Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Norma Noonan


Many people are called to serve on boards of directors for not for profit organizations. However, many of those who do serve in such roles have little idea of their responsibilities and no formal training to facilitate more knowledgeable participation and more effective boards. Many people find that some formal training can turn service on a Board of Directors into a more positive experience for both the volunteer and the organization. The purpose of this Leadership Application Project for the degree of Master of Arts in Leadership at Augsburg College is to evaluate the content of one particular nonprofit board training program, review the literature and other materials connected to similar training programs, and to make recommendations for improvement by including objectives for the training sessions, resource materials, topic inclusions, and discussion outlines for the program to include a larger leadership component consistent with the literature and practice of leadership studies. The program selected for evaluation and augmentation is the Leaders Impacting Nonprofit Communities Program (LINC) of Minnesota's Hennepin County Bar Association (HCBA).


SC 11.MAL.2009.Claeys.LH