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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Rosemary Link

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Lois Bosch

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Paula Watts


There has been a resurgence of the use of Section 504 in the public school system in part because of the increase in diagnosed ADHD among children. Schools need to legally provide accommodations and/or modifications to a child diagnosed with a disability which significantly inhibits one or more major life activity. Traditionally, school administrators have had the responsibility of writing and coordinating Section 504 plans. Studies have shown that many of the Minnesota Public School Districts have been out of compliance with Section 504 guidelines. School social workers' primary responsibility is to work with children in the schools that are experiencing difficulties based upon physical, emotional or academic difficulties. The capabilities and qualifications of school social workers support the idea for this group to be Section 504 Coordinators. A school social worker, with their Systems Theory training, provide the knowledge and experience with disabilities to create, implement and monitor Section 504 plans. The mail survey conducted with 168 Minnesota Public School Social Workers found that 88.6% believe that school social workers are indeed capable and qualified as Section 504 Coordinators.


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