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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Edward R Skarnulis

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Maria Dinis

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James Broda


This is a program evaluation of a community support program for adults with a serious and persistent mental illness. Since the deinstitutionalization of persons with a serious and persistent mental illness, many programs have been developed with the aim of keeping this population as independent in their communities as possible. Existing research shows the effectiveness of community-based programs in reducing acute care hospitalizations for this population yet fails to determine which components of these programs are most necessary and for whom. A simple random sample of currently active files (N=38) was conducted, and data was collected on type and frequency of service usage and number of hospitalizations. Subjects were compared on characteristics such as gender, type of services used, and length of involvement in the program. The results indicate that clients who were involved in the program for greater lengths of time and who used more service hours per month had fewer hospitalizations than clients who had less involvement and of a shorter duration in the program.


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