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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Glenda Dewberry Rooney

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Lois Bosch

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Sister Barbara Beasley


This study examined value congruency within an organization as experienced by clients as a measure of organizational effectiveness. Twenty-six females, all of whom were past program participants, were involved in the study. Study participants completed a self-administered questionnaire devised to elicit perceptions of their experience of the organization's values. Study participants had departed from the organization at least six months or longer prior to the study. Findings suggest that the values of the organization were evident in the services clients received. The clients' experience of the organizational values also had a positive effect on the clients' ability to accomplish their goals. Implications for social work are that social service organizations may include value congruency between the organization and the members who work closest with clients as a means to measure organizational effectiveness.


SC 11.MSW.2000.Foster.CJ

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