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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Sharon Patten

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Lois Bosch

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Lyn Badje Gerdis


Although issues faced by adults with mental illness have been visible for centuries, the implications of mental illness on parenting have only recently been considered. Consequently, service providers in the mental health field have begun to examine their roles with these families, such as balancing the rights of the parent with disabilities with the vulnerabilities of the children. This study asked service providers in the mental health field about their roles working with parents with mental illness and their children. A questionnaire was completed by twenty-one Community Support Program staff working in an urban setting with parents with a mental illness. Fifty-six percent (n=17) of the respondents said they view teaching parenting skills as part of their job, and they included work that directly involved the children and family members. Consequently, existing programs that are already providing community support services for adults with mental illness could easily incorporate specialized services to address the issues of parenting.


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