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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Anthony Bibus III

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Kenneth Root

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Kim Wright


This was an exploratory study to determine: if mental health practitioners were serving older men who batter; if the practitioners perceived that there were characteristics that differentiated older men who batter from younger men who batter; if these characteristics impacted treatment outcomes and if so, what treatment approaches should be used. Four family violence practitioners participated in a semi-structured interview. The initial findings indicated that: (l) older men who batter comprised a very small proportion of the practitioner's clientele, may be due to fewer older partners utilizing law enforcement assistance; (2) practitioners perceived little difference in characteristics between older men who batter and younger men who batter; and (3) treatment approaches for older men who batter do not need to be altered from those used with younger men who batter. Additional studies utilizing larger samples and varied methodologies are needed to better understand the understudied population of older men who batter.


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