Date of Award

Summer 6-9-2000

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

First Advisor

Maryann Syers

Second Advisor

Gordon Elliott

Third Advisor

Pearl Jackson


The high incidence of co-occurrence of women survivors of sexual abuse with substance abuse and the historical differences between mental health and substance abuse treatment were cause for exploration of current treatment available to this population. The purpose of this study was to explore what treatment encounters have been effective for this population of women to recover. Through interviews this exploratory, qualitative study gave six women survivors of sexual abuse with substance abuse who have been involved in treatment a voice that provided needed information for treatment design and implementation. It attempted to answer what treatment services currently offered are best suited for this population and what changes, if any, are needed to improve current treatment. This study may benefit women survivors of sexual abuse with substance abuse and contributes to existing literature. The participants benefited from a feeling of accomplishment by sharing their experience in order to inform treatment providers. Practitioners and educators may benefit from this study. [t reveals what treatments currently offered are most useful to the six women in this study and what changes they recommend to improve current treatment.


SC 11.MSW.2000.Harschut.BE

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Social Work Commons