Date of Award

Spring 5-17-2000

Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

First Advisor

Lois Bosch

Second Advisor

Sharon Patten

Third Advisor

Karen Hulteen


School violence has received major publicity in recent years due to several violent and premeditated school shootings that received national attention. Gallup polls have indicated over the past three years that school violence is the top concern of parents, resulting in increased public pressure upon school administrators and legislators to develop effective school violence prevention policy. This study examined the Minnesota Department of Children Families and Learning (CFL) official violence prevention plan entitled Unlearning Violence. The analysis compared Minnesota's plan with elements identified in the literature as critical and necessary to prevent violence. The results of the analysis found that the Unlearning Violence plan contained major elements of effective policies as indicated by current literature, which suggests the policy has potential for being and effective violence prevention tool. This analysis also examined goals, objectives, assumptions, and values of the policy as well as alternative strategies, recommendations, and implications for further research.


SC 11.MSW.2000.Harvey.TS

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Social Work Commons