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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Sharon K. Patten, PhD

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Jacqueline Fendler, MSW;LICSW

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T. Williams, MSW


The Probation Service Center offers supervision to those probationers who are assessed as posing only a minimal risk to the community-at-large. It was started in Dakota County in April, 1992 as a viable means of monitoring this low-risk offender population by using a group supervision format. The initiation of this program was spurred by the immediate need posed by burgeoning caseloads of those providing traditional one-to-one probation. This need became more dramatic in the face of dwindling financial and human resources.

This research looks at the operations of the Probation Service Center from the client's perspective. A client satisfaction survey was constructed for the purpose of ascertaining how clients served by the Probation Service Center assess the service provided. The central goal for doing this survey is to identify what aspects of the program can be modified to improve services for the clients of the Probation Service Center.


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