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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Maria Braum


The problem of incest has been brought more and more out into the public eye in recent. As this recognition has increased, the growth in knowledge about how to treat incest has been enormous. Many clinicians and researchers agree the long term effects of incest can be very numerous and complex resulting in such symptoms as: chemical abuse, anorexia, self-mutilation, suicide attempts, depression, marital and parenting difficulties. Many therapists also believe that long-term therapy is necessary in the recovery process. However, there is little outcome evaluation for long-term, sexual abuse survivors groups in the literature.

This is an exploratory client survey to analyze the effectiveness of an adult women's incest survivors treatment group that uses a long-term, open-ended process oriented model, created by Noel Larson, Ph.D., LCP, called "Victim Treatment", which holds personality change as its treatment goal. The survey will offer information as to whether or not group goals are being attained and suggestions for modifications. In addition, this survey will act as an exploratory measure towards developing an evaluative tool for the Victim Treatment model by Noel Larson PhD., LCP.


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