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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Deborah Schumacher


The profession of nursing is experiencing a workforce shortage. Decreasing shortages while increasing continuity of patient care relies on retaining highly trained nursing staff. Endoscopy nursing is a specialized practice with many unique skills and tasks for a nurse to learn. The fast-paced nature of an endoscopy unit often leaves little time for nurses to learn the workplace culture. An acculturation orientation module for an endoscopy unit at a large Midwestern hospital is developed to decrease nursing workforce shortages while improving continuity of patient care. A sprouting seed metaphor showcases the progression of novice endoscopy nurses through the acculturation orientation process. Working closely with the nurse manager, a novice endoscopy nurse grows from beginner to acculturated over a year of dedicated one-on-one meetings. Margaret Newman's Health as Expanding Consciousness Theory provides a foundation for the acculturation orientation module. The concepts of relationships, health, and consciousness are the cornerstones to success. The module aims to decrease nursing workforce turnover by acculturating and retaining novice endoscopy nurses, increase work-life balance, and improve continuity of patient care. Implementation of the acculturation orientation module has the potential to combat the nursing workforce shortage.