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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




While some individuals believe people are born with leadership skills, others think leadership can be taught. By using Janet Hagberg's Stages of Power along with Margaret Wheatley's Chaos Theory, this paper explores a case study of an executive leader, Magdalena Romero*, and her personal and professional past and current situation as they pertain to leadership. The case study describes how Romero moved from powerlessness (Hagberg's Stage One) to where she is today.

The data will show how Romero's life changed and developed through education. Magdalena Romero tells how she had a good life. Traveling, working in many different professions and exploring the world before hitting a personal challenge. Insight in resilience and leadership is demonstrated through data gathered in an interview and instrument collection as Romero moved from being in an abusive relationship to becoming an executive director of a social service agency. How the subject gained knowledge and leadership skills through her life process and is putting them to use in her community is a key outcome of the research.

* This is a fictitious name to maintain confidentiality. The subject chose to remain anonymous for personal safety reasons.


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