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Spring 5-4-1993

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The purpose of this study was to ascertain school social workers’ perception of how frequent they provide the activities of the school social workers job description. It was hypothesized that if school social worker is in one school building 100% of the time, they are able to provide all of the services required in the job description. Thirteen schools social workers indicated how frequent they provide services by percentage of time spent on each task. Overall, school social workers provided indirect social work services such as consultation with school personnel and crisis intervention. Those assigned to one building more individual counseling to students while those assigned to two buildings provided more diagnostic services such as home visits for special education assessment and writing special education reports. The priority of services showed overall consultation with school personnel as the highest rank services. For those workers assigned to one school services were spread out evenly among the tasks. For those workers assigned to two buildings consultation had the highest ranking.


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