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Spring 4-20-1994

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This exploratory study examined the impact of a whole family foster care program on the social support networks of parents placed in care. Comparisons of networks of five parents before and during placement were made. The results suggest that a possible relationship exists on the amount of support received. Increases in network size, concrete, informational and emotional support, reciprocity of help, and the amount of contacts were reported by parents during placement in the program. The overall percentage of criticalness decreased during placement. This suggests an improvement in the quality of social support networks during placement in whole family foster care. Recommendations for social support network building for parents and foster provider skills are included. These findings can be used to guide policy, planning and practice decisions in agencies implementing whole family foster care services.


SC 11.MSW.1994.Olson.SA

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Social Work Commons