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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


Today more than ever professional women are juggling multiple roles. with conflicting values, combining work and family roles becomes difficult. This thesis studies how a group of women employed at a metropolitan medical center perceive the effects their multiple roles have on themselves and their families. Specifically, this thesis explores the hypothesis that women who see themselves as having good self esteem will also report their families as having a better understanding of their work challenges. Those women will indicate that their families participate in at least 25-50% of the household responsibilities, compared to those women who do not feel they have good self esteem. Other hypotheses pertaining to professional women will be explored. To study these hypotheses the author chose a quantitative descriptive design using a questionnaire to survey 22 female managers between the age 30 to 50. Findings indicate all women acknowledge having good self esteem" Responses varied in the amount of understanding of work challenges and participation in household responsibilities their families provided.


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