Date of Award

Summer 6-20-2011

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



First Advisor

Renee Wilson


Fall prevention has always been a quality and safety initiative within hospitals. The purpose of this project is to define, develop, and implement an interdisciplinary huddle following a patient fall event so patient specific modifications to the plan of care can be initiated. The huddle will occur soon after the fall event to facilitate collaboration between all the patient's healthcare providers. The number of patients who repeat falls during a single hospitalization is significant and well documented in professional literature. A patient's risk for a repeat fall will be minimized by assessing and modifying interventions to reduce risk through an interdisciplinary huddle approach by the healthcare team; the use of a post-fall assessment tool will be implemented. Fall prevention strategies require interdisciplinary collaboration initiated by the authentic nurse leader to define new processes to promote safety for hospitalized patients. Fall risk factors and nursing interventions identified in professional literature are included in the discussion. Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring provides support for the project by inspiring nurses to be caring, vigilant guardians keeping patients safe from harm.


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